Version history

This page lists the version history of Tweddo releases. Have a look at the changelog for a detailed list of all changes.

Current version: 1.0



1.0 (2017-08-17)

Features & Additions
  • Added Windows XP support
  • Improved presets panel (rename Save to Save New, and moved above Load)
  • Dragging jobs to move them
  • Output is now a fixed job in the job list and always exists
  • Remember selected image and job for saved workspaces
  • Text changes
  • Automatically scroll to the job in the list after selection
Bug fixes
  • Recovery files were not removed in certain cases
  • Job controls in the UI were not correctly being updated when a workspace file was opened

0.9.7 (2017-08-05)

Features & Additions
  • Option to send feedback from within the application
  • Save/load job presets (preset manager)
  • Automatically recover previous session after app crashes, may it be needed (creating crash recovery files in the background)
  • New workspace are now positioned with 20 pixels offset relative to other workspace frames
  • Darkened border colors to increase UI contrast
  • Improved the "New Workspace" dialog
  • Action buttons are now consistently placed in the order OK/Cancel on Windows and Cancel/OK on MacOS
  • Names in the input panel are now ellipsized on the end instead of in the middle of the filename
Bug fixes
  • Under windows bitmaps in the new workspace dialog were not displayed for the recently opened files

0.9.6 (2017-08-01)

Features & Additions
  • Add original date/time from the EXIF record to image by using placeholder [exifDateTime:Y-M-D] etc. in "Add Text" job
  • Add original date/time from the EXIF record to the output filename by using placeholder [exifDateTime:Y-M-D] etc.
  • View image histogram
  • Changed margin in the image queue
  • Decreased the thumbnail size in the image queue
  • Drastically improved speed of zooming in/out in the previewer zoom dialog
  • Jobs in the list will appear faded when it is disabled now
  • Changed position of the enabled and override checkboxes
  • Changed appearance
  • Output placeholders can now also be used in the output folder name
  • Made the UI more responsive by limiting the refresh rate of the previewer
Bug fixes
  • Override settings weren't loaded when opening existing workspaces
  • Cache wasn't flushed for other images in the queue when job settings were changed
  • Output filenames are now tested for illegal filesystem characters
  • Overriding job settings made interface text "jump" in certain situations

0.9.5 (2017-07-16)

Features & Additions
  • Auto denoise job
  • Skew job
  • Color replace job
  • Improved auto-rotate job by implementing angle recognition through edge detection
  • Remember previewer zoom dialog size
  • Drastically improved auto multi crop and auto trim behaviour
  • Typing in number fields is now more user friendly
  • Improved sharpen job
  • Improved auto sharpen job
  • General performance optimizations
Bug fixes
  • "Preview final before image" state was incorrectly populated
  • When resizing the previewer zoom dialog, the button states were not updated

0.9.4 (2017-06-26)

  • Text/number fields for black/white and hue/saturation are now wider
  • Automatically select last image when the last image was selected and deleted
  • Automatically select first image in the list when opening a workspace
  • Changed default value for minimum area when multi cropping
  • Improved general performance of the application and the controls in job panels
Bug fixes
  • Application was loading slow when loading multiple jobs with a lot of images. Also fixed slow image overriding
  • Blank values for zero values in job controls was not working anymore
  • Thumbnail loading wasn't forced to stop when opening a new workspace in the same window
  • After re-enabling the previewer, the previewer wasn't always reloading

0.9.3 (2017-06-23)

Features & Additions
  • Reset job settings
  • Ability to choose target background color for auto trim, auto rotate, and auto multi crop
  • The HQ previewer now remembers and re-applies its zoom state between comparison views
  • HQ previewer now supports multiple outputs (e.g. with multi crop)
  • Renamed "Multi Crop" to "Auto Multi Crop" in the background
  • The image background is now always solid color or transparent when using the rotate job
  • When disabling the fill and under color within the text job panel, the color pickers are now being disabled
Bug fixes
  • HQ previewer didn't work correctly for images with multiple layers and other complex types
  • The HQ previewer fit/fill to window was focusing on the image with the largest dimensions, now just on the image that is visible
  • Having multiple output out of a single output (e.g. with multi crop) caused crashes when reopening the previewer
  • Cloning jobs didn't take over the override checkbox
  • Colors weren't correctly used when using the "Add text" job
  • Multi crop minimum area wasn't working as intended
  • Auto trim, auto rotate, and auto multi crop were buggy for some situations

0.9.2 (2017-06-21)

Features & Additions
  • High Quality (HQ) preview button
  • Option to clone jobs
  • Adding jobs above/below other jobs
  • Context menus for jobs (right click popup)
  • Context menus for images (right click popup)
  • Ability to add a shadow below text in the "Add Text/Watermark" job
  • Check for updates online, including automatic update checking at startup
  • Setting resolution (DPI) when outputting
  • Only shrinking option when resizing on output
  • Resize factor when outputting
  • Alignment for aspectcrop (top, center, bottom, left, right anchoring)
  • Keep aspect ratio is now on by default for the resize job
  • Added confirmation messages for deleting jobs and images, to prevent accidental removal
  • Improved previewer performance when changing job pages
  • General bug fixes and layout improvements
  • Presets for aspect crop (Square, 16:9, 16:10, etc.)
  • Better processing of density of images
  • For some processing jobs "zero values" are now left blank for some controls
  • Increase paddings/margins between controls for job pages
Bug fixes
  • Fixed tab traversal bug on Mac
  • Overriding image settings per job didn't work anymore since last update

0.9.1 (2017-06-08)

Features & Additions
  • "Move/rename/copy" job
  • Watch folder (auto processing) functionality
  • Auto orientation by camera setting (EXIF profile)
  • "Output" job now supports the [seq] placeholder, thereby enabling sequenced folder numbers
  • An output dialog with thumbnails, file info and explorer links after processing
  • "Delete" job
  • Folder conditions for file name and folder name when adding folders
  • Folder conditions for image dimensions when adding folders
  • File info on the source tab
  • Open file button for source file on the source tab
  • "Strip data" job
  • Option to add an output processor at the end before processing
  • "Add Text / Watermark" job
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts
  • Interlace option for outputting
  • Added rotation and scaling to "Add Image / Watermark" job
  • Support for multiple open workspaces at once
  • Spin arrow controls for all number related fields
  • Option for filtering all image formats when adding images to the queue
  • Confirmation for license removal
  • Watch images in the queue for rename and delete events, and handle accordingly
  • Introduced multi-threaded thumbnail loading for the image queue, greatly improving loading speed
  • Image duration estimation when processing is now significantly faster
  • Built in a check for whether a workspace with given filename was already loaded
  • Removed output tab from the previewer
  • Automatically select the next image in the list when removing one
  • Change behaviour of image position in the "Add Image / Watermark" job
  • Improved general user friendliness
  • General improvements for Previewer regarding resizing techniques
  • "Add Image / Watermark" job caching and performance improvement
  • Improved image thumbnail loading speed for image queue
  • Mac people can now quit during the splash screen
  • Speedup for the vignette job
  • Image queue is now HiDPI screen-aware, resulting is higher quality thumbnails
  • Save command will now disable if the workspace is not "dirty" anymore
  • Export job list will now disable if it has no jobs
Bug fixes
  • Fixed very random and rare crashes at startup
  • Fixed crashes due to closing during loading image queue thumbnails
  • Fixed problem with embedding profiles from the source to the output
  • The "add image" job didn't correctly process CMYK images
  • Double click on new workspace dialogs' template buttons were malfunctioning
  • Smaller bug fixes

0.9.0 (2017-05-16)

Initial version