Relive your memories.

Photos represent history, and history deserves care. Agreed? Then Tweddo is your batch photo editor...


Your multi-purpose batch photo editor

Quickly enhance images while still having the flexibility and capabilities of Photoshop or Lightroom.

Specialized in Photo archiving, restoration and enhancement

The quality of your photos is important. But we understand like no other that you don't have the time to post-process every single photo in a large collection. We've experienced that personally, so we created Tweddo.

A suitable solution For novices and experts alike

Tweddo replaces the time-consuming task of enhancing large collections of photos without compromising on quality.

Endless possibilities

A growing list of 53+ processing jobs to fulfil your needs. Resizing, effects, file conversion, watermarking... You name it!


It becomes your batch photo editor once you find out all its automatic photo enhancement jobs.

Direct feedback

Instantly preview the changes you make in the processing jobs, per photo.


Every photo is different and cannot always be generalized, so override configurations per photo until you're satisfied.


Tweddo is aware of all the processor cores... And we utilize them efficiently.


The interface and your workflow is straightforward. You have your images and your processing jobs. That's it.

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Available on multiple platforms

  • Windows
  • MacOS

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